Journey to ‘admired company that will
thrive for hundreds of years to come
through ‘Good Growth’

Thank you for visiting Kyobo Life's website.
Kyobo Life was able to overcome numerous challenges and
grow into one of Korea's best insurers thanks to our
5 million customers and our stakeholders who have loved and
supported us, and we are always grateful for the support.

Established in 1958, Kyobo Life has paved the way for
life insurance over the past 50 years and became the
top quality service provider in the insurance industry.

Furthermore, our transparent and ethical management practices have built a trust-based relationship between us and our customers by embodying our core values ? customer centricity, honesty and sincerity and challenge and creativity.

Our entire management including myself has participated in our change and innovation initiatives, and Kyobo Life has established the customer-focused corporate culture, becoming the company that has outstanding financial stability and risk management ability.

As a result, we were presented with the “Life Insurance Company of the Year” in 2009, and I was honored as the “Personality of the Year” on behalf of Kyobo Life in 2012.

Becoming the company that provides optimum insurance coverage and on-going services

Kyobo Life’s new vision is to become ‘the company that provides optimum insurance coverage and on-going services.’

We enhance the quality of customer service innovatively by providing customer service that exceeds their expectations.

‘Lifelong Care Service’ that FPs make regular visits to customers is one of these efforts.

Furthermore, we focus on the essential value of life insurance and help customers not to despair with hardships in their lives and strive to help them to realize their precious dreams.

We provide better products and services, and enhance the company value through the transparent and ethical management.

Taking efforts for the achievement of ‘Good Growth’ that aims at growing together with all stakeholders.

Kyobo Life desires to become the company that continue to grow with all stakeholders.

We take efforts to realize ‘Good Growth’ through which Kyobo Life and its stakeholders can grow together, and to ultimately grow into an ‘admired company that will thrive for hundreds of years to come’.

With your support and encouragement, we will leap forward into a bright future.

Thank you.

Kyobo Life Chairman Shin Chang-Jae

  • May 1993Director of The Daesan Foundation
  • November 1993Chief Director of The Daesan Foundation
  • November 1996Vice President of the BOD at Kyobo Life
  • October 1998President of the BOD at Kyobo Life
  • November 1999CEO and Chairman of the BOD at Kyobo Life
  • May 2000 to presentChairman & CEO of Kyobo Life
  • November 2001‘Best CEO Award’ by the Korea Management Association
  • March 2004‘Korean CEO Award’ by the korea CEO Association
  • January 2008Won the International Management Institute Awards (IMI)
    from the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI)
  • May 2010Awarded the Entrepreneur Award of Korea by the Korea Management Association
  • May 2010Won the 19th Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award
    from the Montblanc Cultural Foundation of Germany
  • October 2012Awarded the ‘Personality of the Year’ by the Asia Insurance Industry Awards